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Council of Science and Technology, U.P.

Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of U.P.



The application of grant for organizing Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop from Organizing institutions are invited only in the prescribed proforma of CST, U.P. Hard copy of the Proposal must be submitted in the name of Director, CST. U.P. in duly prescribed proforma. "Only limited applications will be considered for funding during each financial year“. The CST, U.P. limits its grants to be used only for the publication of the Proceedings of the Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop. The Application must be submitted in the prescribed proforma at least two months in advance of holding the Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop. The Organizing Institutions shall explain their credentials and also define their Institution (Academic body or Professional body) accordingly. Institutions shall also submit analysis report of the past three years of their organization.

Academic Body:- Academic bodies are those who develop institutional policy for managing quality and standards of education. They are working with Faculties and Academic units to support them for implementing their policy and assuring the quality and standards of the academic awards achieved by their institution.
Professional Body:- Professional Bodies are those organisations that set the benchmark standards for, and Regulate the standards of entry into, particular profession (s) and are authorised to accredit, approve or recognise specific programmes leading to the relevant professional qualification(s) - for which they may have a statutory of regulatory responsibility.
  • After receiving application from the Organizing institutions, the decision of the CST, U.P. is communicated to the institution only when :-
    • The Organizing institution (Academic & Professional Bodies) has been actively involved in promotion for Research & Development in the field of Science & Technology.
    • Professional Bodies have submitted their Registration Certificate along with the proposal.
    • Their membership is open to all eligible citizens of India as per rules irrespective of any region, religion, race, caste, creed or language.
    • Audited report of the institutions has been submitted to the council.
    • Physical report of the last three years of the Institutions has been submitted to the council.
  • The priority/thrust areas as Basic Sciences, Energy, Agriculture & Allied Sector, Environment Science, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Rural Development etc. will be decided by Council time to time and accordingly the proposals will be processed.
  • The proposals will be processed/recommended by the Committee constituted in Council and approved by Director on the following conditions :-
    • The credential of the organizing institutions will be assessed on the basis of Registration Certificate, Rules & Regulation, members belonging to Executive Committee/Board of Director, Audited report & physical report of last 03 years and the no. of Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop organized in the last 03 years (National/international).
    • The objectives/output of the proposal should be fulfilled according to priority/thrust areas as mentioned above.
    • The Availability of funds in Council for this purpose.
  • If the proposal is sanctioned by the council, the same will be communicated to the concerned organizing institutions with following conditions :-
    • The CST, U.P. will verify that the co-sponsorship of the CST, U.P. has been clearly mentioned in the published proceeding.
    • Officers/Employees interested in publishing their papers/abstracts/articles in proceedings of the Seminar/Symposium/ Conference! Workshop may take prior permission from Director, CST, U.P. through officer's in-charge of the Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop.
    • Officer's in-charge will supervise the program to ensure that the fund is effectively utilized. The officer's in-charge and the nominee of CST, U.P. may be allowed to attend the Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop without the payment of Registration Fee. The nominees of CST, U.P. are nominated by the officer's in-charge of the Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop which is approved by the Director, CST, U.P. for attending the program.
    • 05 complimentary copies of Proceedings as published are sent to the Council.
    • A Utilization Certificate supported by the original bills and the statement of Income & Expenditure of the Proceeding must be submitted to the Council.
    • List of various Institutions/Universities where proceedings has been sent which is duly verified by the Organizing Secretary (mentioning their Name, Designation/Address, Area of specialization, Contact number & E-mail ID)
    • Copy of Recommendations presented during Seminar/Symposium/Conference/ Workshop, which is duly verified by the Organizing Secretary.
    • The organizing institution shall also submit the list of Participants as per instructions given below.
      • List of Participants of Organizing District (National Seminar/Symposium/ conference/ Workshop).
      • List of Participants from Uttar Pradesh (National Seminar/Symposium/ conference/ Workshop).
      • List of National Participants (National Seminar/Symposium/conference/ Workshop).
      • List of lnternational Participants along with their consent.
  • Annual Report of the Organizing institutions must be submitted to the Council.
  • Successful stories/feedback of the earlier programmes, if any.
  • No Organizing institutions shall receive financial assistance from CST, U.P. unless & until they submit above mentioned necessary documents within one year from the. date of Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop. Any claim received beyond this Will not be considered for payment.
  • Organizing institutions submitting the proposal is not entitled to claim for funding without the consent of the Council.
The grant for National and lnternational Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop is approved by Director of the Council as following:-
National Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop Upto Rs. 50,000/-
lnternational Seminar/Symposium/Conference/Workshop Upto Rs. 1,00,000/-