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Details of Science Awards

In compliance of G.O. No: 85/45-V/2000, dt. 12 January, 2000, G.O. No: 890/45V/2006, dt. 25 July, 2006 and G.O. No: 1242/45V-2014-45 PRA/1997, dt. 04 November, 2014 issued by Dept. of Science Technology, Govt. of U.P. to recognize and honour the Scientist, Young Scientist, Child Scientist, Science Teacher and Kishan/ Mazdoor Innovators of the state. The Awards will be given to those scientists who are either born in U.P. State or giving service contribution through Science Technology at least 10 years continuously in the State of Uttar Pradesh. The students who are getting top ranks in science subjects in High School and Intermediate in board of U.P., CBSE and ICSE are also honoured with token amount of cash, and certificate. The award is categorized as below:-

  • Vigyan Gaurav Samman: This award is given to one scientist for his/ her outstanding contribution in the field of science writing, scientific research or special scientific achievement or development of technology useful on National level. The award consists of cash of Rs.5.00 Lakh, a memento and a citation
  • Vigyan Ratna Samman: These awards are given to two scientists for their continuous contribution to science, special scientific achievement or innovation, special scientific achievements or innovation, special science writing or outstanding technology development. Each award consists of cash Rs.2,50,000/- a memento and a citation.
  • Young Scientist Awards: These awards are given to five young scientists in the age group of 18 to 35 years for their outstanding scientific contribution and technology development. Each award consists of cash Rs.1,00,000/- a memento and a citation.
  • Science Student Awards: These awards are given to the students who have obtained highest marks in Science subject in High School and Intermediate examinations (10+2) conducted by U.P. Board, Allahabad or equivalent board. Each award consists of cash Rs.5.00 lakh for High School students and Rs. 10.00 lakh for Intermediate students.
  • Bal Vaigyanic Samman: These awards of Rs.25,000/- each and a citation are given to science student upto the age of 18 years for their outstanding and important innovation, scientific ideas and works including Science Models.
  • Science Teacher Award: These awards of Rs.25,000/- are given to the Science Teachers of Secondary Schools for highest educational procedures and new educational technologies.
  • Innovation Award: These awards of Rs.25,000/- are given to the innovators of grass root level, who has developed/invented any new inventions/technological method, traditional medicinal system, higher crop species, tools and instruments, technical development in different machines, gadgets, low cost energy development and energy conservations etc.